protected personal sphere

Personal assets and professional activity should be separated in order to avoid that any incidence in the business adversely impacts the dwelling, the family assets or the private investments of any entrepreneur.

Behind every business there is always a businessman, entrepreneur, partner or manager. They all have a personal sphere, a family, a home, personal assets.

Even when the most common business forms (Public Limited Company or Private Limited Company) seek to limit liabilities, this limitation is only relative and can only become effective through a specialized and bespoke advice like the one provided by Legisconsulting.

Every professional needs an overall structure guaranteeing the highest possible security to one’s personal sphere. This can only be obtained through specialized advice as the one provided by Legisconsulting.

Spheres that impact the protection of the entrepreneur or the manager


The company structure and form and its functioning are essential to the protection of the personal sphere.


Typical private situations like the family relations or the marital regime can directly affect the business security.


The way that the personal assets of the entrepreneur or manager are being organised is essential –amongst the many possibilities offered by the Spanish legal system– to the protection of the latter.